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Large Items Removal Company In Dorset

If you have large, bulky or heavy items that need removing, then the company to choose is Carlin Brown Removals.

Our company has been carefully removing and transporting large items in customer’s properties for many years. Why risk injury or damage to your prized possessions when our removal company can do the work for you?

What Large Items Can Carlin Brown Remove?



tv cabinets




Children’s play sets

Four poster beds

King sized beds

Sculptures and many more

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No matter the size or weight of the equipment, it will be removed professionally and efficiently by our professionally trained staff.

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How Will My Large Items Be Removed?

Before removing any item, our team will assess the item and will help you dismantle it if this is applicable. This is a particularly useful technique for large items like beds as it makes the whole removal and transportation process a lot easier. If the item cannot be dismantled, our team will use their years of experience and seasoned problem solving skills to navigate the item out of your home. Removing the item yourself with a family member or friend could lead to damage and potential injury. Our team will be able to remove the large item from a home with narrow corridors, tight corners, pillars and other common obstacles. This will be done by using a range of techniques that have been acquired through years of experience. Once your items are in our removal van, they will be carefully wrapped and stored in a manner so that the item does not become damaged during transit. All staff are fully trained in transportation and safe stowage for transit to ensure the safe journey for your belongings. If your item has been disassembled, our team will help you reassemble the item once in your new property. For more information on the large items that we are able to transport, contact us today.