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Gym Equipment Removals Dorset

At Carlin Brown Removals, we provide a specialist gym removals service for home and professional gyms.

We have previously removed many gyms to locations all over the United Kingdom and Europe. So if you want a company that understands how to remove your gym equipment safely and securely, then choose Carlin Brown.

Carlin Brown Removals staff are trained in dismantling and re assembly of a whole range of gym and multi gym equipment. Using a range of lifting equipment we can manage your move in an efficient and safe manor.

What Can Carlin Brown Remove?

resistance machines

cross trainers



Free standing gym equipment

Multi gym units

Weight machines

How Will Carlin Brown Remove My Gym Equipment?

Gym equipment is often quite heavy and awkwardly shaped which makes D.I.Y removals a little bit harder. If you choose to move gym equipment by yourself, this can lead to serious injuries that would not occur if you choose Carlin Brown for a stress and injury free experience.

Gym equipment by nature often weighs quite a lot and can easily be damaged by amateur removals. In selecting Carlin Brown Removals, your gym equipment will be moved by our staff who have years of experience in removing heavy items. We will use a range of techniques to ensure your items are moved in good condition.

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Overcoming obstables

One of the biggest obstacles that can occur when removing gym equipment is the awkward shaped nature of the equipment. This can make removals particularly difficult especially when one has to bear in mind that every property does not allow for easy access. Pillars, narrow corridors, sharp and tight corners are some of the barriers that can prevent easy removal of gym equipment. However, Carlin Brown has years of experience in all types of removals and we will use our problem solving skills to find a way to remove the equipment.

At Carlin Brown Removals, we have a great range of vehicles that allow for small to large scale transportation of gym equipment. Once your equipment is in our van, it will be secured and strapped down to ensure safe passage. All Carlin Brown Drivers and Porters are trained for safe transportation of your equipment.