Moving House To Do List

Moving house to do list

Are you moving house? Are you stuck on where to start? Then worry no further as we have come up with a great moving house to do list for our customers. Our moving to do list will cover the main areas for customers and will help you move out more effectively.

A moving house to do list

Hire CB Removals

Once you have your moving in date, do not waste a second and call up our staff today with your date. We will then book in you into a dedicated slot.

Inform your utility companies and bank

When you decide on a moving-out day, it is vital that you inform your relevant utility companies that you are moving out and switch over services if necessary. We advise taking meter readings on the day you move out as well. It is important to also inform your bank about your change of address and prevent your details from being accessed when they send out statements or similar information. If you have insurance on any goods, we also inform customers to let their insurance company know about the move out date.

Redirect your mail

Once you know the moving in date for your new property, we advise homeowners to have their mail redirected by Royal Mail. There is a wide variety of options available from Royal Mail, who can redirect to a wide range of addresses in the UK and abroad.

Inform relevant bodies

If you are moving out of the area, it is vital that you inform relevant bodies such as doctors, opticians, dentists and the electoral register that you are moving out of the area; thus y

ou will also need to inform the relevant bodies once you have moved.

Take meter readings

As previously mentioned, this is essential to take readings on the day of your move to prevent being charged extra by the utility companies.

Gather packing materials

At CB Removals, we cannot stress how important that you source packaging materials of a superior quality. Failing to do so will only lead to damages as inferior boxes will collapse from the weight of your belongings and will not provide the protection your goods deserve.

Space out packing

Pack away the belongings that are either seasonal or not in regular use at the first stage of moving. Group belongings together by room and label every box with the room name. Packing items in advance and to a schedule will make it easier for you in the long run.

Declutter your house

Over the years, any household will gain clutter, and it is your job to clear your house of this clutter before moving into your new home. Why bring along clutter that will make your new property look tidy before you have even settled in? Sell that clutter on Ebay or boot sales; alternatively give it to a new home by donating to friends, family or even your local charity shop.

Use your freezer

Weeks before your move, it is a good idea to start using up the food stored in your freezer. Make inventive meals using recipes gathered from online if you have a mish-mash of ingredien

ts. You will be able to save money in the short period before your move as well!

Arrange a babysitter for children or a minder for pets

It is also good to arrange someone to mind your children or pets during the move as the time can be a stressful period for both who may get in the way of a speedy removal.