Moving house packing tips

Moving house packing tips

Packing your items properly will make a huge difference and will make the removals process less stressful for all parties as you can be certain that your items are given a high level of protection. Failing to do so will prove to be costly and may be upsetting. Read on for our great moving house packing tips.

Planning is key

Whilst moving house, the use of good planning cannot be underestimated, and we recommend that from the onset that you should have a detailed plan of action. This involves buying packing materials, packing items by room or use by a set date and more. The moving process will be more gradual and spread out over time.

Do not economise on packing materials

When moving home, many homeowners are tempted to economise on materials for packing to save a bit of money. We recommend that you do not do so and invest in high-quality boxes, tape, bubble wrap and chips if necessary. When selecting boxes, use clean reinforced boxes preferably made from corrugated cardboard. Upon request, CB Removals can provide a wide range of packaging materials. Save up newspapers and use these to wrap your items up for safe transportation.

Declutter the home!

Before packing your belongings away, we advise getting rid of that clutter you have amassed over the years. If it’s broken, damaged or you do not use it get rid of it! Use Ebay, Car boot sales or give the clutter away to family, friends or charity shops.

Gradually pack

It is no use packing everything all on one day as this will create a highly stressful situation for all parties involved. We advise that you make a list of your belongings after you have decluttered your property and group items into the following categories: Occasionally used, regularly used and everyday use.  Items you do not use at all, we advise packing them away using the appropriate packaging materials.

Label your boxes

On every box, mark the room in which the box will end up in and do so in capital letters; also marking whether the box contains fragile items. We also advise when packing your items in the boxes, to group items together so that they will end up in the same room.

Don’t overpack!

We advise customers not to overpack boxes as this cause the boxes to come undone during the removal, and if they are too heavy, our staff may not be able to lift them thus delaying the removal. We advise customers to spread out the weight of items between boxes.

Documents and essentials

Group your vital documents together and keep them in a safe place, many homeowners prefer to keep these documents on their person during the move to ensure safety. We also recommend placing a box aside for essentials such as tea, coffee, sugar, milk and a kettle for your move.

If you would like more moving house packing tips, do not hesitate to get in touch today with our staff, and we will endeavour to help you out our years of experience and great tips.